Welcome to our newly updated website!

For those who are new to freshoffthecob.ca, this website is devoted to sharing our experiences building sustainable projects out of cob, from ovens to purpose built structures. We also chronicle our other curiosity driven projects including Hugelkultur gardening practices and cookers from re-purposed metal junk.

Here you will find all of the information previously catalogued on our blog, plus more! We detail as clearly as we can, the step by step methods through which our projects were built. This information can be found in our blog. We have also added a Projects page where we post photos of our completed projects being loved and used. We have a Cob101 page with some basic information about cob building, and our new Contacts page will hopefully make it easier for you to reach us with any questions you may have.

As we continue to build, we will continue to add to the site however since we spend so much time outdoors we are often slow to update this website. As of right now, New Years 2017, we are working on three main projects plus a handful of other interests. These include the finishing details of a custom designed cob honey house with green roof that we have started using for storing our apiary wares, as well as a custom built cob and glass greenhouse that we hope will be passively heated by the sun, a rocket mass heater and by horse manure compost. Our third main project this year will be renovating our ragged old barn, built with love by our grandfather in the 50s. As usual, we will also be  continuing to expand our hugelkultur gardens within the confines of our relatively small garden patch. We’ve had a tremendous harvest in 2016 and got lots of cobbing done. Our winter has been spent doing maintenance and repairs around the property. As the days start to get longer again we will begin planting our gardens and preparing ourselves for another year of slinging mud. Stay tuned for ongoing updates of our projects.

We hope you enjoy your visit and if the mood strikes, please leave a friendly comment if we have inspired you in any way.