The Cob and Tadelakt Tandoor

Absolutely our most favorite oven! This beast cooks like you would not believe. We can’t say enough great things about it. If you are thinking about building a cob oven, we HIGHLY recommend you consider building a tandoor instead. The only problem we have is that the food coming off of it is so delicious that much of the time it is on plates getting devoured before we can catch a photo of it.

We built this oven largely over the course of a weekend. The foundation and fire brick base were completed in one day. The fire-cob layer was completed the next. On the third day the openings were cut and then the oven was left for a week or two before the sand was removed. Once the sand was out, we began using it right away. The insulation cob and plaster came later and each took roughly a day or two to complete.